About Ola

As an experienced and inspirational teacher and motivational speaker, Ola Popoola is a dynamic personality with a passion to help develop and energize people to rise to their God-given potential. As an avid storyteller and public speaker, she has a way of relating to audiences in a way that touches them regardless of their current circumstances. With the believe that there is greatness in everyone, Ola is a Chief Encouragement Officer [CEO] and master at inspiring individuals to find their purposes in life, believe in themselves and reach for greater heights regardless of the challenges or obstacles they may encounter. She understands the personal issues that lack of self-confidence can create and is experienced at helping others go from a character of complete defeat to one with confidence and courage. She is able to intertwine her own enthralling life story into a framework that fits into everyday lives.

Building on the foundation that you only conquer when you truly believe that you can, Ola is equipped in providing the tools necessary to help others believe in themselves, release their inner powers and tackle the business of life with abandon. Having overcome major obstacles in her own life, she is an expert at helping people look at their problems with fresh eyes and a new perspective; while providing techniques to identify well-proven success formulas that work. She has a drive and a relentless passion for helping people who have been beaten down by life get back up again, reclaim their strength and go on to attain amazing things.

Ola’s down-to-earth demeanor, spirit and high-energy, inspires audiences to move beyond their everyday limitations and into their greatness in multiple ways. With her incredible way with words and amazing sense of humor, she is able to encourage her audience to use adversity as stepping stones to success rather than stumbling blocks to despair. In Ola’s presence, you truly believe you can accomplish everything you set out to do and that anything is possible.

As a speaker in her professional life and a Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Silver, Ola has received many accolades and awards from various speaking engagements and technical conferences.

Ola is strongly committed to changing lives for the better and building strong and productive futures.

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