Personal Leadership

In my quest to really embrace and teach effective personal leadership, I can't help but marvel at regular folks I meet who cannot separate the concept of leadership from job titles. When they think of leadership, they focus on those who have the titles of CEO, Vice-President or Governor. This narrow understanding of leadership is crippling and debilitating to the lives of many. Many of the struggles we grapple with relating to our body and health, career and spirit can all be handled through effective personal leadership.

While I agree that anybody privileged to hold these titles should lead by default, if we are to be honest, we've all met a few who are marginal at best. In reality, leadership does not necessarily begin at the top of the chain. We can all lead in our realm of influence regardless of how small that may be. We all have the ability to lead every day. We can start by practicing strength, courage, determination, respect, confidence, humility, balance, open-mindedness, flexibility and consideration.

Just like we vary in our personalities, there are a variety of ways to lead. But before we can lead anyone else successfully, we must first practice leadership in ourselves. Leadership is not contagious and cannot be accomplished via osmosis. The personal leadership methodology that will help move your life forward are the ones that you take the time and effort to develop in you. Leadership always begins with the individual. If you are a successful leader, there is an attractiveness that makes people want to follow you. You are not a leader because someone hires you into a position or you are voted in through an election. You become a true leader when others choose to follow you because they like where you are going and want to go there too. They see you turn your vision into reality and long to emulate that.

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