Be Truly Transformed

Are you spiritual, mentally, physically and emotionally sound? A brand New Year is here and I bet we are all making promises to ourselves with regards to things we want to be able to accomplish. Do you have the mindset to be successful? How do we hold ourselves accountable for the promises we've made? How do we stay on track? How do we maintain the level of discipline required to achieve our dreams? How do we truly start to live the transformed life we crave?

Everyone wants to experience transformational living but very few want to go through the challenging process of transformational thinking. Majority of the problems we face in every area of our lives are tied to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. What we see on the outside is in reality a result of what's going on inside.

There are many things that get in the way of transformational living - mainly the stories we tell ourselves, our excuses and justifications. We want to lose the weight we've been carrying around for decades but don't know how to begin so we resign to statements like, "I'm too old. My time has come and gone." What we are really saying is that we've given up. What we are saying is that we are unwilling to change. We want to get different results while doing exactly the same things we've been doing.

You are never too old to be transformed. If it took you decades to get into the shape you are wearing right now, It's going to take a while to change that. Be patient with yourself. Don't give up and never give in. Where there is life, there is always hope. I am living proof that you can change your habits. You can go against the grain. You can absolutely step outside the box you've been in all your life. You can totally transform your life. The question is - are your ready?

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