Being Your Best Self

What issue do you have with yourself today; right now? Do you think you are a few pounds overweight? Do you just hate the size of your hips and thighs? Is your glass always half-full? Are you your own biggest critic? Maybe you find it hard to forgive those who have wronged you or find it hard to let go of bad past events in your life? Whatever your personal disappointments, personal weaknesses, physical liabilities or social weaknesses, know that you have the potential to live your best life.

You can envision your personal vision of your best self and take the steps necessary to make your vision a reality. If you think you weigh more than you should, start exercising and eating right and sit back and watch your body change. If your are overly critical of yourself and others, give yourself and others a break by accepting the truth that no-one is perfect. We all have areas of improvement. Living life in unforgiveness hurts no-one but you. By choosing to forgive others when they trespass against you, you release a huge burden that you aren't designed to carry. As you forgive others freely and truly, you will find forgiveness for yourself too. Letting go of past mistakes is a choice we all must make. We can't change the mistakes of the past but we can affect our futures. We can take steps to create the version of ourselves we really want.

We all owe it ourselves to be our best selves. To embrace our strengths, work at making them stronger. Show compassion for our weaknesses and work on what is within or realm of influence to change. Where there is life, there is indeed hope. It's never too late to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

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