Rest, Because You Must

I have a big issue with resting. Unfortunately for me, I have been "blessed" with this insatiable need to be productive as long as I am not horizontal (sleeping). So the more productive I want to be, the less sleep I tend to get. My multiple months of cheating on hours of sleep to get more squeezed into my day finally caught up with me.

Every adult needs about seven to eight hours of solid sleep to perform at the highest level but seven to eight hours I definitely was not getting and not getting the amount of rest I needed has big consequences. If we truly understand how lack of sleep and rest interferes with our health and well-being, we will do a better job of stopping when we need to in order to recharge our batteries. I have five devices that I never fail to keep charged up but struggle with keeping my own batteries properly charged!

Upon a little bit of research, I discovered the plethora of diseases that are linked to lack of sleep - obesity (if you engage in physical exercise, being too tired from a lack of sleep stops you from performing at your athletic best), type 2 diabetes, depression, depressed immune function, and imbalanced social intelligence. On the contrary, good sleep improves memory, increases creativity, reduces stress and helps with weight management.

So if you are like me and burning the candle at both ends, it's time to turn over a new leaf. Work while you work and rest while you must rest. Your health and most likely, your life depends on it.

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