The Best Revenge

The biggest revenge is making something beautiful out of your life; making a difference in the lives of others. Success is the truly the best revenge ever. People want others to fail because this is generally human nature. People will not gloat about success but they will gloat about failure. Strive to be successful so that evil never prospers in your life. I remember years ago someone said to me, "We'll see where you'll end up!" I was hurt and grossly disappointed. I'll admit I cried for a minute and then got up, dusted myself off and decided that their words will never be a prophecy concerning what happens to me.

I have come to believe that when people speak negatively into your existence, some are ignorant as to the impact that their words could have while a few know exactly what they are doing. They are intimidated by you and are hoping that by unleashing negativity, they can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from going on with the confidence needed to fully express yourself.

What words or phrases do you believe defines you? Through whose eyes do you see yourself? the negativity you have in your life may be words you have internalized from past memories; many of them invalid today but are still so powerful, they are holding you back. The good news is that you have the power to trash or keep those words and phrases that are not serving you well. My suggestion: find the garbage bin! Free yourself from the weaknesses of others. Be who you are on your own terms. 

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