The Problem With Average

I have a problem with average. Quite frankly, I detest average and too many of us are willingly settling for average in our lives. John Maxwell describes average as being a travesty. No-one wants to hire average to do anything critical. Nobody admires average. The best corporations don't look to hire average. No-one wants to pay for an average service. Average is another word for mediocrity. If you think average is acceptable, read the full description of average by Edmund Gaudet:

  • “Average” is what failures claim to be when their family and friends ask them why they are not more successful. 
  • “Average” is the top of the bottom, the best of the worst, the bottom of the top, the worst of the best. Which of these are you? 
  • “Average” means being run of the mill, mediocre, insignificant, an also-ran, a nonentity. 
  • Being “average” is the lazy person’s cop-out; it’s lacking the guts to take a stand in life; it’s living by default. 
  • Being “average” is to take up space for no purpose; to take the trip through life, but never to pay the fare; to return no interest for God’s investment in you. 
  • Being “average” is to pass one’s life away with time, rather than to pass one’s time away with life; it’s to kill time, rather than work it to death. 
  • To be “average” is to be forgotten once you pass from this life. The successful are remembered for their contributions; the failures are remembered because they tried; but the average, the silent majority is just forgotten. 
  • To be “average” is to commit the greatest crime one can against one’s self, humanity and one’s God. The saddest epitaph is this: “Here lies Mr. and Mrs. Average – here lies the remains of what might have been, except their belief that they were only “average”. 

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