What Are You Waiting For?

There is really no mystery to success. We all have within us the power to make something of our lives. Making the most of the time you have right here, right now is often the most critical path to the success you crave. But there are many waiting for the right opportunity, the right place, the right spouse, the right weather, the right whatever. The truth of the matter is life is difficult. Everything will never be just right and you can spend your entire lifetime waiting for it to be so. Once you get one thing straightened out, something else falls out of whack. It's just life. Sitting around whining and complaining won't make life any easier. If anything, that approach makes it even harder. Now, if there are tough changes you know you must make, take steps to make those now. Procrastinating will do no good or nor will it make the changes any easier to make.

I finally was able to do a 16 mile run today. It took two months after my concussion to train to be able to do that mileage - something that I could do with ease before I got injured. No athlete I know wins a medal by mistake or by a few short weeks of training. It takes months and even years of mental conditioning, falling, failing and getting up again. It's time for us to stop waiting for our lives to happen and realize that it is happening right now. This is it. When we get used to the idea of waiting for a specific thing to arrive before we apply ourselves, we are ill-prepared when the opportunity does appear. Success only comes when opportunity encounters preparation. How prepared are you for your success?

I personally don't believe in the concept of luck. Real success is demanding and tasking. It takes focus, strategy, hard work and commitment so it's about time we get to it. Start right where you are right now. Someone once said, "Most people underestimate today and overestimate tomorrow. They promise themselves that they're going to turn their lives around tomorrow...but tomorrow never comes." 

It's time to stop waiting and start executing - now! Yesterday is gone. You can't change a thing about it. What you choose to do today will absolutely impact tomorrow. Besides now is just as good as any time to begin.

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