Control Your Emotions

In Mark Goultston's book, 'Just Listen - Discover the Secret to Getting through to Absolutely Anyone', he explains the importance of getting our emotions under control as a key contributor to being a great leader. He also deemed this factor as the most important key to reaching other people especially during times of stress or uncertainty. Emotions are complicated and not easy to explain. They can work for or work against you . If you want your emotions to work for you and aid in your professional growth, you will need to get a handle on them.

Why are emotions so important? To influence others from a leadership perspective, you have to learn how to be in control of your own thoughts and emotions as this is the starting point for successful communication. Without effective communication, nothing really works. The temperature of leaders tend to dictate the condition of their teams. The temperature of a woman or a man dictates the temperature of their home. At home and as a parent, you need to learn how to control the way you feel and how you express those feelings. To achieve success in all your relationships, whether personal or professional, having a hold on your thoughts and emotions is extremely critical. Many have killed important relationships in their lives because they have failed to master their emotions. When you act out your emotions rather than handle them in appropriate ways, you diminish your ability to impact and influence those around you.

When you become successful at mastering your emotions, you eliminate the risk of being your own worst enemy. You inadvertently become a master at handling difficult and challenging situations, a critical requirement for being a good leader whether at home or at work.

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