Living Without Wings

As I did my run along a bike lane today, I noticed a bird's broken wing on the side of the road. The wing was covered in white feathers and I could see blood around the site of the fracture. I thought about the poor bird who has had it's wing ripped off in a way that appeared to be quite brutal. Where is this bird now? How did it's wing get torn off? 

The fact is a broken wing in a bird is usually not survivable unless it is repaired by humans at a bird rehabilitation center. At these centers, surgical procedures can be done to help a bird who has lost a wing such that the bird can be fixed and it can return to it's life in the skies. A ripped off wing is typically a death sentence for any wild bird. The bird will not be able to fly with this kind of injury. It will eventually starve to death, or killed and eaten by a predator.

The only birds who might survive this kind of injury are birds that don't necessarily fly, like chickens. Being a deep thinker, I thought of many humans who have simply lost a wing or both wings. There are many reasons why we lose our wings - death, divorce, economic downturns and other life shattering circumstances. We feel powerless to change our situation. It's seems like we are attempting to soar through life without wings. As that would be impossible to do, we resort to living the life of a chicken rather than being the eagle we were created to be.

Have you stopped growing? Are you weighed down by circumstances that you believe you can't control or alter? Do you feel like a bird who has lost one or both of your wings? The good news is you can soar through life again. You are not a wild bird so your wing can be fixed. You can check yourself into to a "rehabilitation center", which is your mind and get your wing or wings repaired.

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