Your Life

Whatever it is we are doing or not doing today is writing a story. The various stories of our lives are unfolding right before our eyes. What kind of story are you writing? What is your life about? Are you diligent and committed to those things you promised yourself and others that you would do? Are you spending time chasing down those things that you believe will make your life worthwhile. No-one wants to live a shallow existence. None of us want to live and die and have the world forget we were ever here. No-one wants to lie on their death bed and suddenly realize that they have squandered their entire time here.

What we do with our life on this earth is ultimately our decision. 2018 is at an end and a brand new year is about to begin. What would we do differently in 2019? It's so easy to blend in and follow the crowd. It's a path of least resistance when we join the chorus of the 95%. By default, we tend to believe that if we don't conform, we won't be liked, popular or hip. It's time to question the kind of things that we are doing; the kind of life we have selected to live. Are we the way we are because we are convinced that is what is really best for us or are we simply following the crowd and doing what everybody else is doing? Isn't it about time that we unearth our true calling? Isn't it time we break away from the world of conformity and find our own voices?

Let's forge our own identities; ask ourselves who we are and what we are about. We have to know and document our life philosophies. It's time to refocus, to be selective and to filter out all the chatter that keeps telling us to waste our lifetime working hard to be what we are not. It's time to reassess what matters to us and what we truly believe in.

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