Having the Life You Want

We all have the potential with living the kind of life that we want. The only problem we often have is the inability of being fully committed to what it will take to get us there. Many of us talk more than we actually do. Someone once said that the people who talk the most, do the least and the people who talk the least, do the most. Whether we talk a lot or we talk a little, the key question is whether we are actually willing to put our monies where our mouths are.

We have such great ideas but are discouraged and take no action because we know it takes years to pay for our ideas - years of hard work that will include disappointments and failures. We forget that we can make it if we don't quit. To get to where we truly want to be in life will never come easy. It will have to include 'work' - the four letter word many of us are desperately trying to avoid. Before long, we find ourselves settling into a safe vocation that keeps us within limits that are shockingly small. We settle into a lull on the type of jobs that make minimal demands of us; jobs that keep us trapped in a space of status-quo so we ignore any opportunity for a better and more fulfilled life.

Success is something that never comes easy. There is no successful person that arrived at 'success street' by being average. Things that comes easy often times have the tendency to never last the test of time. We've all heard the saying, "Easy come, easy go." According to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up going broke and filing for bankruptcy. The reason there's some credibility to the "Easy come, easy go" phrase is that with hard work comes a variety of important life lessons. When we go through the process of toil, endurance, patience and commitment, we gather a lot of valuable insights that allow us to be better managers of whatever it is we have been able to accomplish.

You can have the life you truly want but it will only come when you develop the courage to look at yourself in the mirror, figure out what needs to change and get to work making the necessary changes. There is no other way.

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