Take It All In Stride

Be grateful for everything you've been through, everything you are going through and everything that you will go through. They come not to weaken you, but to make you that much stronger. Some people come into your life to encourage you and lift you to new heights, others come to diminish you and drag you down to their level. Be wise. Recognize the former and do everything you can to be the same in their lives. As for the latter, do yourself a favor, release them to march on into their destinies.

Nothing happens to us by accident. Everything occurs for a divine reason. Embrace the hurt. Love the scars. Choose to rise! Never let your disappointments or negative circumstances stop you in your tracks. Always look for the valuable lessons you can learn from your trials. My mother used to always tell me, "My child, learn to separate the meat from the bones." Never build the mountains of your life around circumstances that you cannot change. Always find what you can use from the information you get even when it stings to receive it. Feel free to discard everything else that serves no purpose. Never allow negative words spoken by another to become seeds that germinate in your heart. Don't allow the behavior of others dictate how you treat yourself or those around you.

Choose to be a bigger person. Choose to grow. Do your best to live in peace with everyone around you. Most of the time, people who walk around spreading ill-will forget as soon as the words are dropped. Make a decision to forget the useless words as soon as they walk away. Always remember the positive words and gestures that are directed towards you. Allow those to germinate and grow in your heart because they will remind you of how wonderful you truly are.

Despite what may have occurred or not occurred in your life, there is greatness in your life. It's up to you whether the world will see it or not.

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