Discover Your Gifts and Talents

Is it possible that you have God-given gifts you've never opened? Do you know what you are really good at; where your strengths lie? Have you paid adequate attention to what kind of work you truly enjoy? Do you spend enough time developing your craft? What are the kinds of things you have been successful with in the past? How did you feel about those successes? What do your close friends and family say about you? What do they compliment you on?

When I discovered my unique abilities, gifts and talents, I was ecstatic. Suddenly my life had direction. I could develop goals and enjoy the actions required to follow-up on those goals. I found a vocation I could sink my teeth into and be committed it. I love to write so I try to write every single day. I am a book collector so I always have a lot of books lined up to read. My gift is leadership and communication and it gives me great joy to share it with others.

Unfortunately, not every one knows what their gifts and talents are. There are many in their 40's and 50's who are yet to discover why they are here on earth and what their mission is. To know what you are created to do requires a deep look within. It requires self-awareness which involves how you see yourself (internal self-awareness) and how others see you (external self-awareness). How you see yourself allows you to identify those things that give you joy. It gives you the opportunity to discover the real you. How others see you allows you to know how you are received and what adjustments you may need to make for self-improvement purposes. No matter what our gifts are, we will need like-minded people around us to be successful.

Take steps to discover who you are and what you are good at because it's those gifts and talents that will make room for you in the world.

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