Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

We all have really good ideas. We all have dreams and visions as to what we want our lives and futures to look like. We get excited about the dreams and visions we have for our lives and we even share our wonderful ideas with other people. Some of us go as far as documenting our dreams at the start of the New Year yet the year rolls through and nothing materializes. The truth is none of our ideas will bear any fruit if there are no well-laid out plans to turn what is merely a dream into reality.

A dreams is dirt cheap because it costs nothing, in fact dreams are free and available to all. Implementations however can be expensive. The problem with many of us is that the price tag associated with our dreams is often too steep a price to pay and as long as we are unwilling to pay the price, our dreams will forever remain what they are - dreams. We often shy away from our ideas because we think no-one will buy into it. We may believe the idea is stupid or that someone else is already doing something similar. We come up with excuse after excuse as to why we won't put our hand to the plow. The truth is no idea is stupid unless you don't believe in it yourself. The fact that someone else is doing something similar is neither here no there. There is always a way to make your idea unique and original, after all, Uber and Lyft co-exist in the same market space and are both thriving.

As long as we are unwilling to commit to our dreams and pay the price required to make them a reality, we will forever be wishful thinkers. A dream will require planning and goal-setting. It will ask us to prioritize our lives so we can spend our time working on the things that are most important - making our dreams a reality. Our dreams will require courage and determination. It will require us to wake up and realize that time waits for no-one and the longer we hang around doing nothing, the less time we have to do the work that really needs to be done. I always say, "There's no magic anywhere". Making any dream a reality will take a lot of hard work so be sure your dream is what you really want. Rest assured, if you refuse to follow your dreams, someone else will. Worse still, you will spend your lifetime working on the dreams of another.

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