Held Back By Strongholds

Many of us are held back by some cause or belief that we have unconsciously defended or upheld over the years. These strongholds stop us from moving in the direction that our hearts desire because they are deeply embedded in our psyches and have become highly impregnable. Even when we try to take one or two steps forward, these strongholds have a way of pulling us five steps backwards. They come in various forms - unnecessary financial debt, sexual proclivities, attitudinal, the way we talk, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, lack of integrity, unfruitful soul ties and even overeating.

We find it difficult to change but the inability to change is costing us greatly. The fact that we can't stop doing these things that are messing up our lives causes us to remain bound. We allow the opinions of others to become ingrained in the way we view ourselves such that we settle for what is well beneath us. We pounce on everything that moves, thinking that we are kingpins and players when ultimately, the only life we destroy is ours. The trauma we may have experienced in our past give us a sense of self that makes us vulnerable to being used, misused and abused by others. These past or present hurts become an excuse for our current cowardice. 

We grew up poor so we are comfortable with poverty and refuse to apply ourselves in a way that guarantees that our children will have better than we had. We rehearse in our minds multiple excuses as to why we should stay in relationships that are pretty much poisoning our lives. We fail to understand that we can never overcome issues we refuse to confront. We keep spinning; going round and round in cycles, maneuvering around the same mulberry bush for years looking for change when the foundation upon which we've secured our lives is a house of cards at best such that nothing we build on top of it will last. There are a myriad of strongholds that can hold us back and prevent us from reaching our God-given potential.

Nevertheless, there is hope. I've been there. Things can turn around. You can change. Your life can be amazingly different. The price? Your full participation in the process. No matter what kind of fortress has been built in your life around these self-destructive behaviors, you can demolish them. You can change your life. You can break free.

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