Learning from the Lessons

That thing you just went through, you're going through or just about to go through has something to teach you. Yes! There is a diamond buried somewhere in that experience, all you need to do is look for it. Whether the issue is self-inflicted or not, every challenge has its lessons - something buried in the experience to make us much better than we were before if we would be alert and pay full attention. The problem is we often waste precious time wallowing in our disappointments,  complaining about the circumstances we face that we miss all the important tutelage that comes with it.

The truth is growth is never without difficult situations. The issues that we face always brings with it lessons that we desperately need to learn. These lessons will more than likely be repeated until we humbly submit ourselves and learn what we need from them. Stubbornness and a refusal to cooperate almost always means that we never grow up and our lives ultimately never progress. Ultimately, things never get better until we get ourselves to a place of acceptance and learn the valuable lessons we desperately need. Tough times always bring great understanding and with great understanding comes lasting personal growth and development from the inside out.

So start looking at all your less than ideal situations with fresh eyes today. Ask yourself, "What is this about? What can I learn the most from this? How can I make the most of this situation? What are the precious nuggets of wisdom I can glean from this experience?" As you fully confront what is happening in that space and in that time head-on, you are open to receive the knowledge and wisdom needed to come out much stronger than you were before you went in.

Nothing we go through is every wasted. Everything has a reason. Start looking for purpose in all your experiences; knowing that regardless of what you go through and what the outcomes might be, progress only comes when you stop looking at the issues as failures but rather as vital lessons.

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