Avoiding Self-Defeat

We have enough of people who avail themselves to telling us what we can and can't do but oftentimes, we are the ones that think and talk ourselves out of our dreams. I believe we were all created to leave our mark on the world but we can only do this if we keep our thoughts and minds on the things that truly matter and make a difference.

Our thoughts determine who we are and what we will become. They have the power to control the trajectory of our lives. If we allow our minds to wander into fields that bear no good fruit, we are bound to spend our lives going round and round in circles; chasing after shadows and mirages. If we leave the fields of our minds open to weeds and unsavory plants, our entire existence will be plagued with distasteful things.

We are what we think and we'll ultimately become where our thoughts, words and actions lead us. Peace Pilgrim said: "If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." If we can gather the courage and commitment to change the way we think, the words we say and what we do, the world opens up to us in unimaginable ways. The failure to discipline our minds and practice thought substitution will often leave us wanting for lives that our minds would never permit us to have.

Studies show that we talk to ourselves in upwards of 30,000 times a day. The internal dialogue that goes on in our minds minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour and day-to-day is so amazing that it's super important to make sure that we are thinking and meditating on the right things. If our lives are going to improve, the first place it starts is in our thinking. When we can think right, we can speak right and when we can speak right, we can act right. 

It's time to start paying attention to the thoughts that play consistently on our minds. Let's get up in the morning and decide what our thoughts will be ahead of time. We have the right to choose what we want to think in our own heads. We can choose to think failure-related thoughts or success-related thoughts - the choice is ultimately ours to make. However, every thought we entertain and allow ourselves to think, has the power to design the kind of future we'll ultimately have.  If you are looking for change, start with your thoughts. 

The words of Benjamin Disraeli were life changing for me. He said: "Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think." What do you find yourself thinking about? It may be time to critically think about what you are thinking about.

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