Find Your Power

Today is the first day of a new month. It also marks the first day in the last month of the third quarter of this year. Most of us made some pretty big promises at the beginning of 2019. The real question is: Where are you with accomplishing all those things you said you would? It might come as a shock to you but there are many people who declared goals at the beginning of the year and are moving steadily towards them. So, why is it that some have the ability to work on their goals, get what they want, attract great friends, promising opportunities and success while others struggle? How are successful people able to have such great influence in their vocation and on the people around them? What is their secret? How do they achieve great contentment, peace and the sense of accomplishment we all desperately want?

We all know that activity does not necessarily equal success. It is indeed possible to be extremely busy yet miss the mark with regards to one's life mission. We have to be focused on the right things to get the right results. Keeping the main thing the main thing is important to getting the outcomes we desire but how do we keep the main thing, the main thing? We start by eliminating all the irrelevant and pointless endeavors; including the people that drain our energy; people that steal our power. Just as we can easily have people in our lives positioned to help move our lives forward, there are those who are there to distract us, keep us stranded in place or worse still, take us back to places we never want to revisit! These people essentially rob us of our power; the very energy we need to accomplish our goals.

Today is the day to get rid of all the dead weight we are carrying around and replace them with positive and success-friendly boosters. Let's forget the naysayers and the folks who have doubted us our entire lives and start building solid foundations for the lives that we truly want. In reality, we have no business trying to explain ourselves and our new choices to anyone. Often times, when people see us start to change, they won't accept it and will tend to do all they can to discourage us simply because misery loves company. Keeping us exactly where we are helps boost their self-esteem and stops them from feeling bad about their own lack of progress. Do all that you can to leave these kind of people behind for good.

If you are truly serious about achieving your life goals, be ready to say goodbye to old habits, chronic energy drainers and ineffective relationships - anything that you are simply tolerating that's robbing you of your God-given strength is simply not worth it at all. Fight to get your power back.

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