Life Reboot Challenge

The world will never be the same as we know it. Pandemics have a way of changing things. If you are anything like me, the shelter-in-place and stay-at-home order has given you a little bit of time to slow down and think. I can say I have been spending a lot in time in self-reflection; pondering about the thing that are working and those that are not. I am discovering that there are so many things I have kept "as-is" for many years - doing what has always worked over and over again with the common notion of, "If it isn't broken, why fix it?" Unconsciously, I had completely lost sight of an important lesson from the Continuous Improvement 101 textbook, specifically that the skills that got me where I am right now won't necessarily take me where my heart wants to go.

We all get comfortable.We get stuck in our comfort zone. We evade change. We resist growth which means we get stuck in mediocrity, doing what we've always done and reaping the results we've always harvested. Going to the next level will always come at a price. It will often require being uncomfortable but it's something we all must do and there is no better time to do it than right now. It's time to take on life's reboot challenge. It's time to define success on your own terms and outline what your ultimate goal in life is. Once you have a vision of what your final destination is, outline what it will take to get you there and commit to doing at least one thing a day to get you closer to realizing your dream.

Use this time, to restart your processors and reboot your life. Bring those dreams you've given up on back to the forefront of your mind. Forget all those who talked you out of it. The dream is yours, not theirs. They may never see what you see and you have to be willing to live with that. We make ourselves by what we allow ourselves to think so let's start thinking thoughts of success rather than defeat. We can only do it if we believe that we can. The change we want to see in our lives will always need to start with us.

What are some of the things you need to or want to change? What are the ideas you need to start proactively working on right now? It's time to hit the reboot button. I can guarantee the next version of you will be even much better than first. Don't be afraid to take things back to factory settings; to start over. According to Garrett Hazel, "Rebooting is a wonder drug - it fixes almost everything." Forget everything that didn't work before. Look around for what resources are still available to you and do your best to plan and work hard on what you want to see going forward.

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