Effective Leadership Starts With You

In his book, The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker provides one piece of advice from his study of the United States Army and said – “It is the duty of the executive to remove ruthlessly anyone and especially any manager who consistently fails to perform with high distinction. To let such a man, stay on corrupts the others. It is grossly unfair to the whole organization. It is grossly unfair to his subordinates who are deprived by their superior’s inadequacy of opportunities for achievement and recognition. Above all, it is senseless cruelty to the man himself. He knows that he is inadequate whether he admits it to himself or not.”

Somewhat harsh you might say but wouldn’t you agree that where there is no accountability, responsibility falls through the cracks? If you have no personal standards and you lackadaisically accept inadequate performance from yourself, you rob everyone around you of your God-given potential.

We were all introduced to the world of consequences growing up. If you put your finger in a flame, you will suffer a burn. The same applies when we accept ineffectiveness from ourselves and influence others to live in the same way. Real leadership starts with you. To lead anyone, you must first successfully master yourself. Failure to take a leadership position in our personal and professional lives can have dire repercussions on the lives we ultimately experience.

Our time on earth is short. What is the point in breathing if you won't give it your all? When you give life your all, it gives you it's all. Someone once said, "If with all your heart you reach out creatively towards your heart’s desire, your reach will not be in vain." Let's face it, all the resources you need to be effective are right there inside of you - in your mind. When you feed your mind constantly with the information that matters, it won't let you down. Do an inventory of what you feed your mind with. Are you infusing your mind with valuable information that can help transform it for the better or do you spend hours on mindless media that does nothing to take you where you want to go?

Stop minimizing yourself. Believe that you are made for so much more. You owe it to yourself and the world that's waiting on you to rise up and be the 'YOU' you were created to be.

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