What Are You Afraid Of?

What exactly is holding you back? What is that thing that's standing in your way and stopping you from being all that you've been created to be? Is it what someone said to you way back when that has you trapped? Or are you in a self imposed prison that you've created for yourself due to fear and worry?

Whatever it is that has your life in a holding pattern can be eradicated if you are willing to grasp courage by the hand and look your obstacle in the eye and say to it, "Enough is enough". Know that you are worth it. There's so much more to your life than the chaos and worry that you are experiencing right now.

Be grateful you have a problem to tackle. The only place in the world that is problem-free is the graveyard. Do your research and see what knowledge can be applied to the issues you are facing, after all nothing on the face of the earth is new. The problem you are dealing with right now that has you all tied up in knots has been experienced and resolved by someone else on the planet.

The giant that you are facing at this very moment can be tackled and wrestled to the ground by simply doing a detailed analysis of all the factors involved and acquiring the necessary knowledge to overcome it. As Harlow B. Andrews once said, "There's a soft spot in every problem. All you've got to do is to keep looking until find it."

Don't give up. Never be tempted to give in. Study your problem. Master it. Keep wrestling with it. You are much stronger than whatever it is you face.

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