Never Give Up

When we encounter difficulties in the journey through life, there is always the temptation to give up or find someone to blame. But to give in or blame-storm is to open the front door wide to defeat. Now, believe me I understand there are some circumstances that will bring us to our knees. I have had my fair share of those. But ultimately there are only two choices when things get tough - push on relentlessly toward a worthwhile goal or fold up like a tent, lay down and die. The available choices are whether we give up or keep trying. Our ability to get where we want to go in life rests squarely on our response to life's devastating misfortunes. 

As long as we live and breathe, there will always be problems. The only people that are problem free are folks resting in cemeteries. We ought to get to a point where we congratulate ourselves when we encounter a mishap. I have found that problems have two advantages. First, they remind us that we are very much alive. Second, difficulties can provide great learning opportunities. If they are handled right, we often come through with some important nuggets of wisdom that we didn't have before. At the barest minimum, if the same problem shows up again, we have valuable experience on how to handle appropriately.

It's so easy to give up. Growing tired, feeling discouraged and quitting requires very little effort. Courage is necessary to fight for what you believe. I have often had people say, "I'm not a fighter. I just don't have what it takes to overcome this kind of problem. It's too much for me." To them I always say, "Everyone has a fighting spirit within them. It all depends on whether you believe whether there is something worth fighting for." Passion and commitment will create a fighter in us every day of the week. Anything at all worth having is worth fighting for. If there's something that you have seen in your future with the eyes of your mind, believe me when I say you will rise up every day and fight any obstacle that gets in your way.

Don't give up. Who knows, maybe if you hold on just a little longer, victory will be found right around the corner. I challenge you to meet every problem head-on as it arises. Believe the issue you are grappling with right at this moment will soon come to pass. Refusing to give up means believing that the challenge you face will not defeat or destroy you. Norman Vincent Peale said it well when he said - "Perseverance is the basic principle for anyone who wants success." 

Remember, the biggest conversations you'll ever have are the ones you have with yourself. Change your internal dialogue and tell yourself, "I won't give up. I am tougher than I look. My mind operates at a much higher level than the problems I encounter. I have everything I need to come through this misfortune stronger than I was before."

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