The Treasures of Adversity

Life can throw some pretty tough breaks at us. Loss of livelihoods, relationships that fail, children who won't do the right thing, financial hardships or the death of loved ones. Unfortunately, tough times never travel alone. They bring along with them despair, discouragement, frustration and the temptation to quit on life all together. At times like this, it's very easy to develop a defeatist attitude. With all the difficulties we often face, talking ourselves into accepting failure takes no effort. But our ability to move on in life is based greatly on our reactions to the misfortunes we encounter. 

For the most part, adversity is something we always view in a negative light but if we are thoughtful, there is great good that can come from misery. There can be real value in misfortune if we meet each disaster head-on as it comes. I got my first lesson in adversity when I lost my younger brother at a very early age. Unbeknownst to me, that experience has trained me on how to handle loss such that when both my parents passed away, I was equipped to understand that death was not the cessation of life but just the transition from one realm to another. I developed the ability to never let any circumstance thrown me paralyze me. Even if I was knocked down, I learnt to get right back up again with a decision to keep on moving forward no matter what. Over time, some of the treasures of adversity I've gained include resilience, the ability to persist and never give up, and most importantly, growth and experience that cannot be acquired in any other way.

With every challenging time you face, start viewing it as an opportunity to grow. Look intently for the lessons that life is trying to teach you and be receptive to the tutelage. As you open your hearts and stretch wide your minds to receive that which you must learn, your character gets developed in unimaginable ways. The ability to persevere and hold on through adversity will allow you to mature and gain valuable insight into who and what you really are. When you get through adversity and come out on the other side, you start to realize the potential you have inside of you. The understanding that you were created for so much more emerges and you develop a new sense of strength and fitness.

The next time adversity calls, know that you will get through it and there will be great treasures that will be gained as you walk through a temporary time of darkness. I can guarantee you that the difficult time will surely pass. In no time, this tough time will be in your smaller rear view mirror and your whole life will still be ahead of you. Choose to not let whatever the tough break you are experiencing right now defeat you. Get up and keep going. Everything will turn out okay in the end if you don't give up. Circumstances may plague your life but you have the power to choose the impact that they will ultimately have.

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