It's Time to Dig Deep

Someone once told me that the depth at which you dig for a building's foundation has a lot to do with how tall the building is expected to be. In essence, the foundation for a single story is quite shallow compared to that of a skyscraper. Oak trees have roots that run deep into the ground. It's been said that a mature Oak tree's root system covers hundreds of miles. Its taproot grows vertically for some considerable distance below the ground before branching out for miles. If you plan to cut down an Oak tree, be very prepared. Simply chopping off what you see above ground will be terribly inadequate.

The same principle can be applied to us as individuals and the level of success we expect to experience in our lives. The more lives we want to touch for the better in the world, the more depth we would need to have. To have an effective life, we must take the time to dig deep and uncover the values that mean the most to us. We must be prepared to be rooted strongly in our values and beliefs so we will not be tossed around by the circumstances that confront us. Even with the strongest winds and the bending of the Oak tree from side to side, it sits firmly because it's roots run very deep.

Dig deep and be rooted in your values and beliefs. When I work on all sort of things that do not line up with the values and beliefs that hold true for me, I become tired, frustrated and stressed out because my body is acting in contradiction to my spirit. Real success will never come from being busy. It can only come when we engage in the activities that mean the most to us. We are stronger when we work on things that are congruent with our values and beliefs. Our roots run deep and we are not easily moved or shaken by external circumstances.

Are you taking the time to find out what matters most to you? Start with identifying what your values really are and consciously choose activities that line up with those values. If your day job runs contrary to your values, spend some time thinking about how you want to live your life going forward. Remember, you only get one bite at this apple! You have a limited amount of resources so make a decision to expend it on what truly matters the most to you.

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