Is Your Purpose Clear?

In reality, we all have the aptitude to do a number of things and do them relatively well. But at some point, we all need to ask ourselves the crucial question: “Am I working on the right thing?” Doing a variety of things well is no substitute for doing the right thing. You owe it to yourself to find out what is most important to you, what you truly believe gives your life meaning and what you really want to do with your life. We only get one bite at this apple. We each only get one life to live and it is your sole responsibility to make it count. 

When you discover the purpose for your life, it dictates everything you do and the way that you spend your time. It is an extremely sad and disappointing prospect to spend your youth and strength working on different things that bring no true satisfaction. There is truly nothing worse than working your entirely life on a job, climbing the ladder to being successful in the eyes of the world and amassing a sizeable fortune only to realize in your old age that your ladder was leaning against the wrong wall all along.

Take time to develop a personal mission and vision for your life. Some of us spend more time planning or vacations than we do planning what we want to do with the life we’ve been given. When you take the time to develop a personal mission, you ensure that you are focused on what is important and lend your time only to those things that help move you towards achieving your most crucial goals.

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