Seek Solitude

If you have a terribly busy life like I do, it can be almost impossible to find some time to just be by yourself. You go to work and it's swirling with activity. You come home and the family needs your attention. Maybe you go to your local gym to just get some time alone and you arrive to find the placed packed with other people who had the same idea you did. Even if you think it's impossible for you to find some alone time, I encourage you to look for ways to acquire just that from time to time.

Without solitude, we lack clarity and don't make good decisions that will help ensure success. Our minds continue to accumulate information and becomes extremely cluttered. Unfortunately, a cluttered mind cannot think analytically or apply intuition to the decision-making process. Time alone promotes structured thinking and allows the application of intuition. If we keep going and going; tackling one thing after another, we may be successful at getting all the things on our to-do list done but the key question we need to ask ourselves is whether we are actually doing the right things. The need to act is in us all. We want to do something because stopping makes us feel useless and desperate. But maybe it makes sense for us to just stop, take a breath and think about what we really need to be doing.

Solitude can be a powerful ally. To ensure a successful life, all our crucial decisions ought to be made when we have clarity of mind. It's perfectly fine to be busy so long as we make time to be alone to think. Just taking time alone to process our thoughts when all hell is breaking loose around us improves the quality of our decisions.

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