The Spirit of Excellence

Folks who show up at work wanting to do the minimum they can get away with at sub-par standard make me itch. When personal leadership is at work, excellence is something that is strongly sought after. The spirit of excellence is crucial to leadership. Why bother? Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield said, "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well". If you took the time to rise, step out of bed, get dressed and travel to work, you might as well make it count for something. Who is expected to take pride in your work if you don't? Your work has your name on it. It is a representation of who you are. Just in case it may have your slipped your mind, people know about your work even before you show up. Your reputation precedes you! When colleagues speak well of the work you produce, the organization thinks highly of you. You have succeeded in representing yourself well through excellent work. When you don't care about your work and submit products that are full of errors and un-impressionable, you misrepresent who you truly are.

I miss the dot com era where if you were bent on delivering less than desirable results , they took quick action. No-one calls you into an office to offer you some coaching to help you do the job you were hired and being paid to do. You simply show up one sunny morning and find out that your network credentials are no longer active and while you are pottering around trying to figure out why, someone from HR shows up with an envelope and the offer to help you gather up all your personal effects.

Let's make a determination to be excellent in all that we do. No-one wants to pay for average. They never have and they never will. Your determination to be average will not get you the kind of attention you need nor will it help you rise above the pack.

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