Sunday Night Blues

It's Sunday and I am confident that many are dreading sunrise tomorrow. Back to work it is for most of us. The weekend is almost over. I am always filled with gratitude that I love all the work that I do - both publicly and privately. I look forward to Mondays so I can continue the important work that I do in my role and for my team. I wish the same for everyone I know and love. But the truth of the matter is many work day in and day out in jobs they absolutely dislike. Why would anyone be willing to sacrifice their entire life doing what they dislike, I ask? I've had jobs in my career that I wasn't terribly excited about but it was my responsibility to identify and find what I was really passionate about.

I am not minimizing the need to make a living. We all have bills and responsibilities but at the same time life is so short. Take a risk, make a change. Find that thing you really love to do. Find that which makes you excited. Identify what you are truly passionate about. You may not make as much money doing it. You may have to endure some failure on the journey to success in your chosen vocation but trust me, that is so much better than coming to the end of your life and wondering what could have been.

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