Change Your Mind

To change your life, you will need to first change your mind. There are very little positive results that can come from making fresh promises if we are not willing to clear the residue of stinking thinking. Just like healthy soil is the basis of healthy plants and a healthy gardening environment, a healthy mind is the foundation for a strong and fruitful life.

Before and real and lasting change can occur in your life, you must sort out the clutter that you've accumulated along your journey through life. You must take the time to assess where you are, where you want to go and the emotional work that needs to happen to get you there.

I strongly recommend a daily "flossing" of the brain to help with discarding any garbage that will not serve you well such that you don't carry negativity from day to day. Before you can plant and reap what is good in your life, forgive yourself and others for what was done to you and what you may or may not have done to yourself. Release all anger and resentment towards anyone that may have hurt you. 

Once the clutter is cleared, take steps to guard and protect your mind because all of life flows from it so you don't start the process of accumulation all over again. When you can change your mind for good, you are able to change your entire life.

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