Think Big - Start Small

Many times the changes we want in our lives look like insurmountable mountains, laced with obstacles. Our life goals seem too big for us to accomplish. But if we approach these mountains in an incremental manner, they can be scaled in due time. If you are really committed to making a significant change in your life before 2018 runs out, start with creating smaller immediate goals that are highly achievable. This approach means that you are not way in over your head very early in the game and experience discouragement. Be committed to the smaller immediate goals while never losing sight of the overall mission. Demonstrate consistency on a daily basis by doing something small to move you closer to squashing the immediate goals. Acquire the discipline required to ensure that you are never attempted to slack off. You will be motivated and encouraged by your small wins as you move closer to your dreams.

No marathon runner ran 26.2 miles the first time they struck out. It took months and even years of setting and conquering smaller immediate goals. Someone once asked me, "How do you run 16 plus miles in one go?" My answer was simple, "One mile at a time."

Too much too soon can kill your dreams. Think big but be open to starting small.

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