Growth is always intentional, uncomfortable and it never happens by accident. There is no magic to growth. It requires work. We each have to take responsibility for our own growth. No-one else can do it for us. Thinking that we will grow and advance by simply breathing is a myth. Yes, under normal circumstances, children get bigger and stronger as they get older. But sadly, this is not the same for adults. To improve our lives, we have to make conscious decisions to grow, set goals and priorities and take steps to get things done.

Promotion is never automatic neither is it an entitlement. Under normal circumstances, those who are selected to advance are employees who have shown initiative, creativity and considerable personal and professional growth. They are willing to take risks and are not afraid to make mistakes because they know that errors are realistic milestones one encounters on the road to success. They avoid procrastinating and fully understand that life can't be lived based on feelings. To grow personally and professionally, we have to be prepared to do what needs to be done whether we feel like it or not; putting in work daily, knowing our feelings will eventually catch up with us along the way.

Growth is never easy. I am yet to meet anyone who has achieved any measure of success who was puzzled or surprised that they made it. To be successful requires work, sweat, blood and tears. We must prepare. When we spend time in preparation, we create an explosion when the right opportunity arrives.

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