It's human nature to want to be happy however happiness is tricky subject. It cannot be a direct goal that one seeks. It's more often than not a by-product or side-effect of something else. If you are dependent on external circumstances or somebody else to make you happy, you are destined for disappointment. Happiness is more about the state of things within you rather than around you. You have to make the decision daily to be happy regardless of what life throws at you. Determine to be happy and cheerful in whatever situation you find yourself in. The things that happen to you and threaten your equilibrium and state of mind are just life's stimuli; it's your responses to the stimuli that dictates your happiness.

I don't deny that life is tough. Things happen. It is what it is. Life is like the seasons, fluid and constantly changing. Some things are within our control and others we can do absolutely nothing about. However, you get to choose whether you will be happy or not - your relationships do not determine your happiness and your job does not dictate your happiness. Your happiness starts and ends with you.

It's important to our growth that we learn to accept what happens day to day without resistance or regret. As Dale Carnegie put it: "When we have accepted the worst, we have nothing more to lose. And that automatically means, we have everything to gain".

Choose to be happy. Be the author of your own happiness. Take back control over your happiness. 

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