Find Yourself a Mentor

We all need people to look up to. Your level of success can easily be determined based on whether you have great mentors or not. No-one travels the road to success alone. Continuous growth and improvement is virtually impossible if all we have as a role model is ourselves. If you are really serious about becoming more than you are today, do yourself a favor and find a mentor or two.

Selecting people to mentor you is a very delicate process. Always look for people who are ahead of you that you can very easily learn from. Bear in mind that we often become like the people who mentor us in many ways which is why making the right choice is crucial. You may want to select mentors for different areas you want to grow in such as economical, leadership, health and fitness, spiritually, socially and mentally.

In searching for a mentor, choose someone who is wise, successful, a great listener, and humble. Humility creates a much better atmosphere for learning and knowledge transfer. He or she must be a person who is very supportive of you and where you are trying to go. They must have skills that you admire and want to emulate in your own life. He or she must be someone of reputable character as the separation of personal character from one's professional life is a myth. The personal life always bleeds into the professional arena. Be willing to hear about both their good and bad experiences as these can help prepare you for the road ahead.

Having great mentors can and will change your life. It can get you from where you are to where you want to be in a shorter time-frame. Mentors can also help you avoid some landmines on the road to success.

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