Practice Commitment

Commitment is critical to success. Without commitment, nothing we think or do will ever amount to much. There's something remarkable that happens in our professional lives when we practice commitment. Embracing commitment has the power to move our careers and our lives into higher dimensions. It provides the ability to move our lives much higher than we can ever imagine. I have been fortunate enough to sit and talk with people who feel stuck in their careers. They see no upward mobility and are tempted to quit every Monday morning. The first comfort I try to provide is to ask them to honestly answer these three simple questions: "How committed are you to the tasks in front of your right now? Are you passionate and fully plugged in? Are you doing the very best with what you've been assigned?"

The reason I start out with these questions are simple. We are the common denominator wherever we go. Changing jobs will never solve problems that are due to a lack of commitment on our part because the one person we can never get away from is ourselves. We are pretty much every where we go. If you are not fully engaged in your current position, chances are things will not get better wherever it is you transition to because commitment is a habit that must be practiced.

So, if you are really looking for change, make friends with commitment. Practice this important habit. Change only lasts when it happens from the inside out. Start where you are right now. Nothing really changes until we change.

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