How You See You

How do you see you? Many times, we are our own greatest critic. We evaluate ourselves harshly because of wrongs we've committed in the past, the way we were raised or things we failed to accomplish. Other times, we tend to make the mistake of seeing ourselves the way others see us when in reality we are not what people say or think that we are. People will consistently see us based on their standards, perceptions and knowledge. They are always going to have something to say about us. If we are winning at life, they will say something. If we are losing, they'll have even more to say. 

You have to learn that their words have no power over you unless you decide to dwell on them, give them strength and make them the focus of your life. Someone once said "It's not what people call you that matters; it's what you answer to." Negative words spoken that you choose to take to heart can hinder your success and also drive how you live your life. If you arrive at a point where you start to seriously and honestly evaluate the way you think about yourself, you can begin to discard whatever is negative and embrace the positive.

The good news is that we are the sole architect of our own minds and internal mental processing. We can choose what we think and what we dwell on. We can choose how to respond and how to act. We can swiftly substitute thoughts that will not serve us well with positive, self-esteem building ones that will. People can talk till they are blue in the face; we have total authority on what happens within us. We can win regardless of what is going on around us but we can't succeed if what is going on inside of us is not in support of us. Success will only manifest in the physical when we first see it in ourselves.

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