Love What You Do

It's super important to believe in the kind of work that you do. When you have passion for your vocation, it really shines through. It isn't something that can be hidden. Granted, there is a difference between loving our 'work' and loving our 'job' but the hope is that the love we have for our work will give us the strength to get through some of the downsides that may come with the job.

Your life's work should always mean more than a pay check. I have never met anyone on their death bed wishing they had made more money or spent more time at the office. People often regret their lack of impact in their families and in society. To truly have the kind of significance we all desire deep down; to leave a legacy for generations to come will require finding our life's calling, finding that thing we were created to do; finding that thing called 'purpose'. Why are you here? What impact were you designed to make? Do you even know what it is? If you know, what steps are you taking to ensure that you don't miss your life's mission? If you don't know, isn't it about time that you find out?

We only get 24 hours in a day. This is great food for thought. If you sleep eight hours a day, this means when you turn 60, you have pretty much spent a third of your life in bed. We owe it to ourselves to maximize every minute we have and make a decision to truly love what we spend our time doing, which is essentially how we spend our lives. When you can't do what you really love, do all that you can to love what you do.

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