We All Need Mentors

Who are your friends? Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors? Who do you call on when you need advice? I have mentors. Do you? I have mentors in practically every area of my life - spiritual, physical (health and financial), mental and emotional. I am a big believer in mentoring. I grew and continue to grow because of the many mentors I am humbled to have in my life. Because no-one knows it all, mentors are critical to growth. They are people who have proven themselves to be successful and are willing to share the secrets of their success with others. To truly embrace the concept of mentoring, you must release all your pride and your ego that has more than likely not served you too well. You must become humble, open your heart and walk into the process knowing your life will be better off for it. Most people who choose to mentor also have a sense of humility about them. They are not afraid to discuss their failures because they know that's what makes them human and gives them the ability to connect with others.

You might be asking, "Why do I need a mentor? I am doing just fine." Ask yourself, "Can I be more than I see today? Is there still a lot that I can accomplish in my lifetime? Is my legacy on earth truly complete?" If you answer those questions honestly, you will probably realize that there's still some room for growth. With mentors, growth can be really accelerated. If someone has been where you are or where you are trying to get to, they can help you avoid some of the mistakes they've made along the way, making your ascent a little faster.

The truth is you don't always have to learn from your own mistakes. Let's face it, mistakes can be terribly expensive. It's smart to simply learn from the mistakes of others.

Find yourself some mentors if you really want to grow.

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