Reaching for Excellence

It was Jim Rohn who said, "All life forms strive to the maximum of it's potential except human beings." Trees grow as tall as they possibly can. How much fruit will an apple tree produce? As much as it can without restraint is the answer. So why do we as human beings decline to grow as much as we possibly can? Why are we content to reach a certain level in life and stop thriving to go even further? Why do we very quickly settle into a life of mediocrity when the ability to live lives of excellence is well within our reach?

The issue may be the various options and routes available to us in the human world. With digital devices and social media, many of us spend our time watching the lives of others rather than forging our own paths for success. These advancements in technology although extremely helpful can very quickly keep us stuck in the dream world so rather than take the necessary actions to see our dream become reality, we stay in the comfortable "day dream" fog, content to wish for things that we have no plans to either work for or commit to. We have the option to strive to our fullest capacity, be half of what we were created to be or be completely unproductive, living off the benefit and charity of the system and those around us.

I remember when I was growing up my mother would remind me all the time, that the popular person I admired had one head, two hands and two legs just like me. If I wanted to live a life of significance just like as my role model was clearly living, it was going to be entirely up to me. Even though I didn't fully understand the gravity of her words at the time, she said them often enough that they pretty much stayed with me and later guided my desire to live a life of significance. I now want to grow to reach my potential regardless of whatever circumstances might confront me as I journey through life.

What did you commit to at the start of 2019? How are you doing with those commitments? What legacy are you planning to leave behind when your time on earth is done? Are you truly living to your fullest capacity? It's time to start pondering on these questions and gathering together your responses. A life of excellence and significance always comes at a price; a price we all need to be willing to pay.

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