Be Willing to Change

Everyone is looking for change. We all desire to have fruitful lives. We all want to experience better financial, physical, emotional and mental health. The problem is very few of us are actually willing to change to get change. This explains why we won't change our diet, why we won't exercise, why we can't grow in our careers or businesses and why we can't leave the past behind when we can clearly see it's dragging us down. Instead, we want everyone else to change. We blame people around us. We point fingers at others.

But for our lives to change, we will need to fully embrace change - change the way we think, the way we speak to ourselves and the way we talk to others. Successful change always happens from the inside out. Changing the outer layer without working first on the inside is a colossal waste of time. Looking good on the outside while we are rotting away on the inside does us no real good.

If we want to get something we've never had before, we often always need to do something we've never done before. We need to take active steps to move from the place we are in, into a place we've never been before. Yes it's scary and it's uncomfortable but it's the only way into newness. Outdated beliefs will need to be released, bad habits dropped and imaginary walls and barriers torn down. Understand that change always involves rebuilding; sometimes going as far back as to the beginning in order to start afresh.

George Bernard Shaw said it this way: "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

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