Grounded Right

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all grounded in something. Many of us are grounded in values we are aware of and try to live according to these values while there are some that have no explicit inclination as to what their values might be. But unbeknownst to them, are living according to some implicit ones. Values represent those things that are important to us. They are the standards by which we architect our lives; the lens by which we evaluate everything and everyone. When we are living by values that are explicitly known, we can clearly explain what they are and why we hold them dear. They help us make responsible decisions that move our lives in the direction that we want it to go. 

It's a great travesty to be of age and have no idea what our values are. It's akin to walking around in broad daylight consciously choosing to wear a blindfold and hoping not to get lost. Having a clear and explicit value system is a fundamental component of personal leadership and without personal leadership (the leadership of self), there is no life to be spoken of. Our values are defined by our belief systems. Beliefs inform every aspect of our lives, those things that we believe about ourselves; who we are and the future that's laid out for us, work to shape our growth and predict our outcomes. What we believe continues to solidify our long-lasting values and speak to those things that are important to us.

By now, you must know that your belief system is important. Every decision you make is based on what you believe and the values that arise from those beliefs. They also have an impact on your attitude to life in general and how you behave towards yourself and others. Being properly grounded is the foundation upon which your entire existence is built. It's critical to know that your values are and what you believe about yourself will always ring true for you because your belief controls your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your words. Your words inform your behaviors and your behaviors ultimately birth your results.

In what are you grounded? What are the values you hold dear?

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