What Motivates You?

People often ask me, "What motivates you, Ola?" My answer is always the same. I am motivated by the thought that I would be trusted with the lives of my two daughters; to display for them a true example of what it means to be strong and unrelenting in one's pursuit of significance. Demonstrating for them each day how important it is to have a vision and to move tenaciously towards it. Showing them that with faith in God and hard work, nothing is impossible. Providing for them everything that they need to live successful lives and letting them know that through firm determination, dreams do really come true and more often than not, we can achieve more than we ever thought we could.

Being motivated by the knowledge that one's destiny is too great to be wasted on meaningless worldly pursuits and thrills that have no place in eternity, is indeed powerful. When you begin to understand that it's not what people have to say about you that matters but how you truly see yourself, you can get rid of the desperate need to win people over who may not necessarily buy into your vision. Because in reality, it doesn't matter what you do, you can never please 100% of people 100% of the time. People will always be a 100% entitled to their opinions just as you are 100% entitled to completely ignore them.

If you've lost your motivation because of past disappointments and losses, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get it back. Wake up every day with great determination; with absolute certainty that you are born to win. Believe that your scars will heal and the lessons from your sorrow will only serve to move you to greater heights. Hold on to the conviction that no-one is that important that they not only hurt you, but steal your passion for life and future as well.

Learn to be motivated to achieve despite the wrongs of life that happen to us all. We can't change how people treat us but we can always choose how we react to their actions. Make up your mind to press in and press on. You can truly win if you refuse to quit.

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