It's All Up To You

Henry Ford was the one who said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right." We dictate many of the limits we place upon our lives. Because we have the power of choice, we get the luxury of pretty much deciding whether we would advance or retreat; whether we would grow or stay the same and whether we will live a life of greatness or live in mediocrity.

I have learnt that people who lead successful lives aren't especially gifted or talented in the way that others aren't. They have simply taken the time to discover their talents, craft out a vision and a mission for their lives, created goals that are aligned and go after accomplishing these goals with gusto. The good news is that you can do the same.

What limits have you placed upon your life? Have you designed excuses around why you are not making life work for you? Have you plateaued in your personal and professional development such that you have made it impossible to learn anything new? Are you so comfortable with old that you have created barriers to embracing anything new?

Only you can remove the lid you have placed over your own life but personal responsibility is something we often avoid because it makes us accountable. It's much easier if we can point the finger at something or blame someone other than ourselves for our lack of progress.

Whatever it is you see when you look in the mirror, your thoughts and choices till date has created. If you don't like the landscape of your life today, change your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. To get different you need to do different. To become more, you will need to be more. Who knows what you can accomplish if you would just push past the self-limiting beliefs you are now firmly anchored to? There are really no limits to what you can accomplish with your life; only the limits you have accepted in your mind.

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