Find Your Motivation

We are days away from the start of another new year and many of the promises we made last year at around the same time are still what they are - promises. In the excitement of an upcoming year, we make resolutions about what we are going to do but never actually get to doing any of it.  Why do we break promises we make to ourselves? Why do we let ourselves down? The reality is if we can break promises we make to ourselves, we can't be held to a higher standard on pledges we make to others. How do we stay committed to the promises we make? We stay focused by being rightly motivated.

Motivations are the underlying reasons for what we do and don't do. We live the way that we live and accept whatever it is that we condone for certain reasons - certain motivations. Motivation is that powerful force that keeps us going in whatever direction we're headed - right or wrong. It is what helps us to succeed or fail at the goals we have planned for our lives. It is what inspires us to act, to handle setbacks and to stay the course. Whether you can see yourself headed for great heights or not, you are motivated but being motivated aright is what is critical to a positive life.

If you find yourself travelling down the wrong road today, you are more than likely motivated in the wrong way. If you are unhappy with the direction in which your life is headed, it's time to find the motivation for change. The desire for something different and the ability to maintain this desire is going to be the necessary tool you need to alter your life for the better. An examination of our motivations reveal they consist of our why's and when we know our why's, we are in a better position to stay on track with our goals even when an obstacle rears it's ugly head.

If you had plans for 2019 that didn't come to fruition, it's time to write down all the reasons why you want to do what you're planning to do in 2020. If you want to get healthy, write down specific reasons why. If you want to be financially stable, list the reasons why you crave financial security. Place your list where you can see it every day. Never start your day without reviewing your list.

Don't wait another minute. Find your motivation. It won't make everything automatically easy but it will surely drive you in such a way that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. It'll get you well on your way to creating the life you love.

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